About Company

IPAK BUYAKH paint manufacturing company with more than 10 years of experience in producingvarious building and industrial paints, backing on its professional and high-skilled engineers and workers tries to get the highest quality and customer satisfaction as its major goals. The company through applying modern technology in paint manufacturing field and continuousconnection with its European counterparts tries to increase quality and variety of its products. In this regards and to save the environment, IPAK BUYAKH company started to manufacture new generation aqua based (acrylic) paints by means of modern European technology and know-how which enables the company to compete in both aspects of quality and variety. Applying original raw material and German technology, all paints manufactured in IPAK BUYAKH company enjoy the highest quality and competitiveness. Additionally, we honor that the company's test machines and equipment are the most modern ones which can test all aspects of paints manufactured in IPAK BUYAKH company.

Founded in 2006, IPAK BUYAKH company has started its activity in manufacturing various kinds of building and industrial paints and during all these years has focused on research and tried to benefit from available scientific and practical information and experiences. All these have resulted in various products obeying specific codes and international standards. We hope information presented here can give a brief introduction about us and make it easy for you to contact us.